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Is One Woman Enough for an Egyptian Man?

That’s one of the golden questions, it takes all thoeries, arguments and discussions about the relationship between men and women to its original base. Putting romance aside, we all know women are settlers by nature, we tend to want one man in our lives, it’s our biology; but what about men are they too created to want one woman? for the rest of their lives? Most men claim their basic biology is all about spreading their seed, so one women is never enough.

Since all studies and psychological theories in this matter are argumentative and differ greatly from one culture to the other, I created a survey for Egyptian men and shot it out anonymously to get the most raw answer men could give, and here are the results:

Survey question:Is one woman really enough for an Egyptian man?

Voters (all men) who were assured that their identities were completely anonymous even to the surveyors answered:

  • Yes, one woman is enough: 56%

  • No way, a man is incapable of sticking to one woman: 44%

Age bracket for the surveyors was 28 – 40 years of age. It’s worth noting that the older the surveyor the more likely his answer was yes; in addition no one above 32 answered No.

We can conclude from the above results, that Egyptian men, despite everything tend to prefer only one woman especially as they grow older. True, part of that is cultural constraints and lets face it no sane man would ever risk turning one or more Egyptian women against him.

So the next time before you give your man the whole shebang over an innocent look or two, remember that in the end none of these little things matter :)


  1. Doaa Hashem

    Statistically speaking, you should have mentioned how many answered the survey. Of course, since you shot it over the internet, you must be aware that only the cultured, computer-&-net-using category answered. Most of these will not trouble themselves with more than one woman. If other computer-ignorant categories were exposed to the survey, the answers would be different. Those vary culturally from men who consider it their right to have more than one woman to men who consider it disloyal to even think about having more than woman. However I liked it a lot. It deals with a real interesting issue & it gave the answer I wanted to hear.

    • Nadine Abou el Atta

      Very true Doaa, almost all of our surveys are answered from a certain category :) ) thankfully that’s the same category our readers are from so as far as they are concerned this applies well to all their circles :) ) However, looking at the broader “Egypt” this survey, as you said, will shift dramatically. I know of a town in Egypt where it is considered an insult to manhood to marry only one women! Probably there is even more of these towns all over Egypt.
      And to answer your fist point, this survey was answered by 81 surveyors :) and we’ll start adding the numbers in the next relationship articles :)

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