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What Egyptian Women Want Men to Know

A while back we prepared an article on “What Men Want Women to Know” thanks to the very beneficial insight Egyptian men gave us, the article is still one of our most read till this day. To return the favor to Egyptian men, we asked women if they could give one advice to all men, what would it be?

The purpose of this article is to give men an insight into what Egyptian women think about when it comes to relationships, but rarely say.

Here is the thing about women, we usually don’t say what we really think to you; yes we talk and complain a lot but we still do not share with you how we truly feel most of the time, and therefore, it is usually hard for you –men- to understand why we act the way we do.

So gents, here is a small peak into women’s minds:

  1. If she starts a fight, or acts in a confusing way, without a clear stated reason. Know that this is not because she is crazy; it is because she picked up on many small signals and she is acting upon them. Women are different from men, we don’t really rely on what you are telling us, we consciously and unconsciously read into every single act you do, this is by default our way of understanding what you really mean.

  2. Lying is our culture, women lie and men lie, just remember the first point(above) the next time you lie, your woman will know you are lying within seconds, if she didn’t she will pick it up from other signs later. This was indeed the most common answer to the survey. Never think she doesn’t know you are lying, she is only pretending that she believes you, and most probably is saving it all for a later fight. This tip is especially true when you are saying small white lies and/or if you are not married.

  3. When your woman is upset and shares with you what’s bothering her, she needs comforting, first and foremost; keep your solutions for later.

  4. TV (Turkish TV) has raised the bar, women expect you to be romantic, make some effort.

  5. Be absolutely sure that the day you start neglecting your woman or treating her badly, is the day her ears will open to compliments from other men; also always assume she is getting compliments from other man, this is usually the case, no matter how rarely she goes out.

  6. Don’t get too jealous and controlling, little is good, but eventually this will blow up in your face, as she will demand the same. In short … hate2refha hate2refak :) .

  7. If she is already working, don’t ask her to stay at home, she is used to a full and demanding life, and therefore, she will exert all her extra energy on you; prepare to talk all night, take her out regularly, answer in detail questions about your day and regular complaints every time you go out with your friends.

  8. Egyptian women like to get even, don’t make her jealous, you will regret it.

  9. We love it when you cry on our shoulder, we know it is really hard for Egyptian men to show emotions in front of others and we appreciate sharing your softer side with us.

  10. She will never forget that you brought her flowers without an occasion.

There were a lot more responses to the surveys we sent out, but these were the most general and beneficial ones.

Finally, always remember that your woman loves with her ears, don’t think that she probably knows that you appreciate and love her, always tell her and always show her, the success of your relationship takes work from both of you equally, it takes patience and understanding that no one is perfect. Always remember that successful relationships take work every day especially as they get older.

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