Funny Reasons Egyptian Men Break Up For

Relationships … The baffling eternal mystery. Philosophers and other social workers try to get the key of its success; trying to determine the reason why some relationships fail while others make it, despite their similar beginnings. Reasons of course differ from one culture to the other; here in Egypt, for example, some guys have their own reasons, their very special unique reasons!couple breakup

As you read from the title, we will focus here on funny, and dare I say ill-minded, reasons.  There are of course endless real and proper reasons men end relationships and future marriages for; however, we’ll leave the proper men for a later time. Here are a few funny stories on Egyptian breakups:

First Story

Right before a couple got married, the man found out his bride has a Facebook account; he immediately broke up with his –Facebook account holder – fiancée and refused to complete the marriage! One has to wander what if he discovered that she has a Twitter account!! Needles to say that it is the girl’s fault, she agreed to marry a very narrow minded man and hid from him her true self.

Second Story

This story is about a superstitious man, he was worried whether or not his fiancée has the same “birthmark” that he has! and that this may mean that they’re siblings :).

Third Story

This Egyptian man broke up with his fiancée because she wears a lot of blue, not because blue is her favorite color; but because blue is his unlucky color.married

Fourth Story

This story is a bit common; the groom left his bride because she had a better job than his; her career position meant to him that she is superior and that his manhood felt insecure. Unfortunately, there’re a lot of Egyptians who think that way especially if they’re both working in the same field.

Unfortunately, there’re lots of other weird reasons that that Egyptian men breakup for, such as supporting a certain political party or even football team, she has a masters or a PHD.

The ladies aren’t far from these weird reasons themselves, some girls have the same mentality too, but as one of my friends told me once, that the girly dream of wearing the white dress reduces the chance of these weird reasons to show up, and accordingly they turn a blind eye to such silly reasons and sometimes to other critical reasons as well.



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