How to Ditch Superficial Resolutions and Invest in Yourself

So 2017 is here and like every other year, we feel a propelling energy in the air that asks us to review the past year and collect the lessons and wishes for the year ahead. This year, I went on a Self Exploration Journey at Quinta Do Rajo Residence in Portugal with Shiv Charan Singh and Satya Kaur. The 6 –day week was so transformational that I like to call it the ‘point of no return’ in that I cannot imagine going back to being my Old Self after meeting my Higher Self. So I decided to share some of the teachings here, which may inspire you to create a new set of Resolutions/Promises to carry you forward in 2017, which honor your Higher Self.

Whenever we come up with New Year resolutions, we are quick to list the most obvious –  a bigger house, a bigger car, a better paying job, a fitter body, a healthy diet and more money to travel, shop and indulge in other pleasures.

Yet, what is easy to miss is the promise that we want to make with our Higher Self. Since we live in a highly intellectual and scientific society, it is not easy to understand what it really means when we say Higher Self. We know that our body is made up of the skeleton and muscles and that the heart pumps blood to all the major organs such as the lungs to allow us to breathe and the stomach that digests food. But the higher self, now that is a topic that science has little say about. So how can we understand it?

Understanding the Mystical Self

We know that the Self is intangible and it can neither be measured under a microscope nor with a ruler. So how can we feel that it exists? And what distracts us from feeling its existence?

You might be ready for the answer but the thing is, the answer to this question has to come from your own personal experience.  So in 2017, my invitation to you is to make the SELF as your Project and begin to get to know who is the Self? What is its Purpose? What are its Gifts? And what is standing in your way from becoming Great?

If you can imagine that today you are standing on an island and looking ahead you can see the next island that you want to be standing on. In between both islands there is a Gap. The question to ask is what kind of excuses are you telling yourself that are holding you back from moving ahead to the next milestone?Shama Article 1

The first step to becoming more aware of this gap, is to recognize the inner dialogue (the inner conversation you are having. The excuses that take place inside our heads every day.)

Sometimes we may hear things such as:

  • I am afraid of not knowing what will happen

  • I am afraid of what others may think/say

  • I am afraid of failing

  • I am afraid of succeeding and having always keep up with that standard of success

  • I am afraid of losing control

  • I am afraid of leaving my comfort zone

  • I am afraid of being seen

  • I have too many responsibilities

  • I have too much pain

  • I don’t have enough patience

  • I don’t have enough discipline

  • I don’t have enough time

  • I don’t have enough creativity

  • I don’t have enough skills

  • I am not good enough

The second step is to invert the dialogue and turn it around with a positive affirmation. For example:

I am afraid of not knowing what will happen.

Not knowing what will happen, I choose to trust.

I am afraid of having always to keep up with that standard of success.

What ever force of grace bring me success will also be responsible to maintain the success
Success includes healthy down time. 
Taking a pause/break does not mean i am not keeping up. it means I am taking care of myself.

I am afraid of being seen.

Let the strength of my light and love be seen. 

I don’t have enough time.

What time I have, I use it well. 
The time I have is the time I need.

I am not good enough.

Made in God, let God decide how enough I am. Made in God is good enough for me. 

I am good enough for myself.

What to do next?

The third step is to monitor yourself, your thoughts, your habits, and your inner dialogue and begin to recognize the rift that takes place between your higher Self and the Ego Self. We have all experienced this before, we recognize something about our selves, we vow to make a change and we succeed, but somewhere down the line the change becomes so automatic and mental that it loses the connection with the Self. Suddenly the positive affirmation or habit happens in response to a strong command from the Ego Self, which loses the sweetness and gentleness of the connection to the heart.   So how do we know when we become disconnected from the self?Shama Article 2

  1. Our energy gets stuck below and become locked in the belly – we are hungry, sleepy, looking for pleasure, indulging in nice things, we push away people and want to be alone

  2. Our energy gets stuck upwards in the head – we fantasize, dream, plan excessively, imaging, calculate, rationalize,

  3. Our energy gets stuck in the outer word – we are overly focused on all our responsibilities, promises and commitments that we have made to others. Or how much others depend on us.

So how can we apply a shift to our consciousness?

It is useful to recognize the moments where you feel connected to your higher self and the moments where you feel disconnected. Some key questions to ask:

  1. What am I worrying about today? How can I bring trust, love and certainty into the moment?

  2. Right now, do I feel happy?

  3. Did I experience any resistance today? Did someone say something that I resisted? Did something happen that I resisted?

  4. Did I put my hand on my heart today? Did I feel it beating?

  5. When did I say I have to do something? Can I replace the I have to with I want to?

  6. What did I do with my time to escape time with my higher Self?

  7. Did I synchronize my inhale with the inwards movement of my Higher Self towards my heart and my exhale with the exterior movement of my Higher Self towards the outer world?

  8. Was there an opportunity where to flip the switch? Change the frequency?

  9. Was I aware of Self as I was working? Doing? Moving?

  10. Did my self-defeating mantra come into play today?

The fourth step is to begin to micro-manage your Self. We have all heard this term micro-management before. As the information and technology age are on the rise, we are bombarded with input twenty-four hours a day from our smart phones, computers, televisions, radio, advertisements, and so on. So it is easy to get lost in all the inputs and in our interaction with these inputs as we use them to make key decisions. Just like how we micro-manage our lives by having schedules and plans, we need to affirm to the higher self and begin also micro-managing this Self so we can become extremely alert, awake and sensitive. It is so easy to become the slave of our consumerist society, a slave to your morning coffee, a slave to your mobile, a slave to that app that takes away your temporary boredom…

What this article seeks to do is to invite you to make a New Commitment to your Self as a Project so that you can have a conversation with your Higher Self and make a decision, a choice about what your really want in your life.

Asking this question over and over again, what do I really want in my life? What am I doing this or that? What am I choosing today and does it honor my higher Self?

The fifth is to put your vision onto paper to crystallize the message. It does not matter whether you know how to draw or whether you call yourself an artist. This exercise is about Self Trust. Can you move beyond the voice of the inner critic and trust your Higher Self is capable if expressing itself in shapes and colors? Can you let go of self-judgment and allow your pen to dance to paper?

Here is my personal example of what came out during this exercise. Today this piece serves as a reminder as to who I am and who I want to become which is very different from what I want to do and what I want to have.





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