Turkish Lentil Soup

Turkish Lentil Soup

We are all used to the regular Egyptian version of lentil soup, but the Turkish version is definitely a must try.


  • 2 carrots.

  • 1 medium onion.

  • 1.5 cups /270 grams lentils.

  • 1 tbsp tomato paste.

  • ½ tsp mint.

  • 3-4 tbsp fresh mint

  • 1 tsp red pepper.

  • 1 tsp red pepper flakes

  • 2 tsp cumin

  • black pepper and salt to taste

  • 8 cups/ 1.8 l water

  • 2 cubes vegetables broth

  • 1-2 cups plant milk (almond, coconut, soy)

  • 1 lemon.

  • Optional: 3-4 tbsp vegan yogurt or cashew sour cream (or diary yogurt).


  1. In a large pot, heat olive oil over medium heat.

  2. Add onions and carrots and stir for 5 min or until tender.

  3. Add all spices and cook for another two minutes (be careful not to burn the spices).

  4. Stir in lentils and quickly add water, vegetable broth cubes and tomato paste.

  5. Bring to boil and reduce heat and simmer for 20 min or until lentils are cooked.

  6. Blend the soup in your blender/ food processor until smooth.

  7. Pour the soup back into the pot on low heat and add 1-2 cups of plant milk depending on the desired thickness (if you like thicker soups, add less).

  8. Now add the lemon juice and season with salt and pepper to taste.

  9. Serve in bowls and finish with a dollop of vegan yogurt and some mint leaves.




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